Balancing Negative News With Positive News

Seeking an account balance in positive news to combat the negative is really a laudable goal, but regrettably is not likely to achieve success.

Media companies exist, not just in provide news, but to earn money. They’re companies and for that reason have to earn an income by which to pay their reporters as well as their expenses. The down-side of the is the fact that profit making is the main point here.

To be able to earn profits, media companies have to attract individuals to buy their magazines and newspapers and to locate their websites. It’s interesting in this way that increasingly more information mill now charging individuals to use their webpages.

Human instinct being what it’s, individuals are attracted by dramatic occasions – problems, killings, calamities of 1 sort or any other catch their eye and draw their interest. Positive news concerning the beneficial things that happen on the planet – and you will find always lots of them – aren’t attractive.

Just consider what individuals will talk about in bars, or across the dining room table – not the truth that there’s been a noticable difference in something, or that somebody has been doing something useful or good. They’ll much more likely be worrying concerning the living costs, the federal government, their local sports team (which never appears to achieve success) or anything that is pressing heavily on their own minds at that time.

The effect of a saturation of negative news is an adverse attitude to existence. This could, in extraordinary instances, result in depression, heavy smoking, consuming, drug abuse or simply add strain to family associations making people more unhappy generally.

It follows, as well as based on scientific data, that laughing a great deal will work for our overall health. Certainly it can make us feel good, and when we’re feeling better we’ll react better with this partner, other family people and buddies. Hopefully our positive attitude may become contagious which help others to feel good too. For instance, when we think about individuals we all know whose company we most enjoy, chances are it will be individuals who make us smile, or laugh, or inspire us in certain positive way. I am not suggesting to become individuals who only talk of negative things, because this brings us lower.

When the media could behave in the same manner as positive people, causing us to be smile or perhaps laugh, showing news making us feel great instead of casting us lower, imagine just how much better all of us would feel.

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