What Guys Can Do for a Night out For A 40th Birthday Party in Denver Colorado

You may realize that your 40th Birthday needs something more special. Unlike the birthday party before, you can think about some crazy ideas. Night out party is not common for middle aged men. But who cares? You deserve to have night out with your friends. Consider to plan your birthday party with exotic dancers being the best guys entertainment in Denver Colorado.

You may have celebrated your birthday at home, restaurants, or other places with your family for these decades. Maybe you just want to go outside and reclaim your “Freedom” again with your old friends. You know what? You deserve it! After all, it is your 40th! So, what kind of ideas for guys entertainment in Denver Colorado? Let’s dig on.

Aspen Music Festival

The duration of this event is approx. 2 months. It features hundreds events from day to night on daily basis. If your birthday happens between June to August, then you are in luck. Consider to go there with your entourage.

Open Mic Venues

Discuss crazy things with your friends, as well as strangers in some open mic venues in Denver. It can also be one of the best guys entertainment in Denver Colorado. The good thing about this is that you can also enjoy the entertainment from other performers. Prank your closer friend to come to the stage and experience the performance as well as having Denver strippers play like they are doing open mic as well, meanwhile they are about to turn it up with a classy exciting performance. Some of the top open mic venues are Ziggies, The Toad Tavern, Meadowlark Bar, and Celtic Tavern.

Bars in Denver

Night out will be less interesting without drinking some beers. Why not enjoy your special night in a cool bar in Denver? Chill, relax, and talk crazy things with your pals. That will be the nicest time ever.

Flavor of Havana

If you just want to smoke some cigars and have a fun talk with your mates, consider doing it at Flavor of Havana. It is a great place to relax. Spend your nice evening with cigars and snifters. The smoker friendly spot will give you and your entourage freedom to try out some fine cigars. You can even choose the unique cigars there. The full bar is full with entertainment like trivia night, karaoke, poker, games, and many more.

Moe’s BBQ and Bowl

Denver has many great offers for you. One of them is this great place. What can be better than BBQ, bowling and beer? These are pivotal points in guys entertainment in Denver Colorado. This place is also great for the budget conscious. With just $3, you and your pals can enjoy a game and shoe rental. They have a great selection of drafts, you can just ask for the most delightful tap. The southern style barbecue dishes are very mouth-watering. Plus the games, that will be the perfect night out for you and your entourage.

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