Why should you buy Tongkat Ali and what are its uses?

Many people want to increase the level of activity in bedroom. The cultures of Southeast Asia have known numerous benefits of Tongkat Alihave on sexual health of men, but the discovery was a side effect of the healing capabilities of the herb. The benefits of Tongkat have increased the global awareness as well as demand for both male and female populations.

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Each of the Southeast Asian culture had its own experience with this herb and hence, its applications ranged from overall wellness to treating heart diseases. The plant chemicals found in the extract inhibit the growth of cancer cells in mice. Similar experiments were conducted on colon cancer cells, breast cancer cells and leukemia cells. Experiments were also conducted against lung cancer cells and the conclusions were that the extracts were quite effective. Eurycoma longifolia is a medicinal plant commonly known as Tongkat Ali and exhibit numerous health benefits. The standards dosing for eurycoma longifolia is 200-300 mg of a 100:1 extract.

Reasons to buy Tongkat Ali

Several studies conducted on reproductive health have discovered that Tongkat Ali extract has results an increased arousal and enhanced male fertility. It does indeed work to keep the fires of romance burning. However, one should be very familiar with the usage because of the side effects. Like any other drug, it also has several side effects like – insomnia, irritability, impatience, anxiety and restlessness. Tongkat Ali extract works well by increasing testosterone levels in human body and treat erectile dysfunction.

People who have breast cancer, diabetes, prostate cancer, kidney disease, liver disease are warned against taking this herb. People who wish to visit doctor to increase the levels of testosterone will be prescribed gels or injections that help boost testosterone count in the body. Besides this, a better alternative is Tongkat Ali with same restorative powers. The demand for the plant has increased many folds, resulting in an increased production. Though in recent times, there has been a growing competition between Tongkat Ali manufacturers, people with interest have used internet marketing to build specific prescriptions convenient for their products.

Tongkat Ali Extract should only be from specific country such as Malaysia and Indonesia, and there are many studies that are trying to convince people. There is a misconception that Tongkat Ali is dark brown in color. But, one should know that the final product depends on the extract process. The color of extract could change due to the addition of inactive ingredients required for manufacturing the product.

If you choose to buy Tongkat Ali supplements, you should keep in a few things in mind. The usage of Tongkat Ali may result in enhanced blood circulation and eases the symptoms of heart diseases. Doctors have been aware of the natural healing powers of Tongkat Ali for centuries. The extract’s impact on testosterone levels was less important than its medicinal power. The demand of the product increased, when western countries became aware of libido repercussions.

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